When One Teaches, Two Learn

Figuring out children's ministry one day at a time

There’s a System in Place – Acts 2:14-41

on October 5, 2012

Last Sunday we didn’t have children’s church.  Whenever we do communion, I give a children’s message instead and the kids stay down in the service so they can partake in communion with their families.  We hadn’t originally planned to have communion that Sunday, but the kids led worship (Click here to hear more about it!) so we decided to keep everyone together.  Continuing with our series on the book of Acts, the sermon was on Peter’s sermon in Acts 2.  The message focused in on the idea that Peter presents God’s very systematic approach to offering us salvation during his sermon.

For the children’s message, I brought in a backpack packed with a water bottle, a map, a pair of binoculars, and a roll of toilet paper.  I told the kids how much I enjoyed hiking and that a well-stocked backpack can be very important during a long hike.  I had the kids help me to unpack the bag and talk about each item – a water bottle to stay hydrated, a map to help us figure out where to go, a pair of binoculars to help us see what’s off in the distance, and toilet paper because…well…sometimes things get a little messy.

I explained that the backpack can remind us of our journey along life’s path with Jesus.  When we have Him in our lives, He provides us with a backpack with everything we need  to make it on life’s journey.  He has planned out exactly what we’ll need.

  • The water bottle reminds us of refreshing words that we can say to each other.
  • The map reminds us of God’s Word that can help to guide us when we’re not sure what to do.
  • The binoculars remind us of the Holy Spirit, who can help us when we can’t quite tell what’s up ahead.
  • The toilet paper reminds us of the forgiveness that God offers us when our hearts are messy with sin.

We then closed with prayer, asking God to help us to use the tools He has given us in our backpacks.

If you’re new to When One Teaches, Two Learn, check out the lessons that have led up to this message.


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