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Let’s Make a Cave – 1 Samuel 24

on October 21, 2012

This week we started a new unit in Sunday School on respect.  The lesson was about respecting authority, using the story of David cutting off a piece of King Saul’s robe in the cave (1 Samuel 24).  I love our curriculum, but the particular method that the curriculum suggested to use to convey the story just wouldn’t work in our space and with our resources.  I had a dramatic presentation of the story on CD that I knew we could use, so I decided to create a cave that we could sit in while listening to the story.  I started off with this basic structure:


I used a portable room-divider to create the wall on the left, then tacked brown curtains to the wall and the top of the divider.  The remaining fabric was draped over chairs.  (Side note:  I bought those brown curtains on a whim to temporarily cover some windows, but they have so come in handy for several lessons like this one and this one!).

Next, I covered the chairs with brown paper to make them look like boulders.  I crumpled the paper to give it some texture too.


Next, I crumpled more brown paper to create the interior walls of the cave.  There was a bit of space between the floor and the bottom of the brown paper, so I crumpled up some spare construction paper to create rocks.


Last, I draped a brown sheet over the outside to cover the back side of the wall-divider.


The kids thoroughly enjoyed hearing the story in the cave!  We had quite a few new kids added to the mix, so it was a little cramped, but we made do.  Always fun to make the story come to life!


5 responses to “Let’s Make a Cave – 1 Samuel 24

  1. Wayne & Joan says:

    Hi Abby I just wanted to let you know that I saw a few of YOUR pins (i.e. of stuff you had done that was either in your blog or on your site) on the Children’s Ministry Deal’s pin board. I saw the gate and the curtain thing you had up a few weeks ago. I’ll send you the link to their board. Way to go! Joan

  2. Thanks, Joan! It’s exciting to see people enjoy and appreciate what we’re doing at Fillmore Kids 🙂

  3. Christine H. says:

    Thank you for this! I am adapting it into Mt Sinai for our next unit on the 10 commandments.

  4. We used this lesson about David and Saul from 1 Samuel 24 to illustrate self-control as a part of our “Fruit of the Spirit” series. You’ll find it here:

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