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There’s a Giant Among Us…

on November 15, 2012

A few weeks ago, a order of new tables arrived at the church.  As the guys were unpacking the tables  from their rather large cardboard boxes, the wheels in my head started turning as I thought to myself, “There has GOT to be a way that I could use that cardboard.”  After all, 10 foot by five foot pieces of cardboard aren’t that easy to come by!  I snagged two of the boxes and they’ve been sitting in the children’s wing ever since, waiting for inspiration to strike.

And, strike it did.  We’re having a kid’s night on Friday where I decided we could preview our upcoming J.A.M. Time unit on heroes of the Bible.  I wanted to have a few visual aids for each of the Bible heroes we will be studying to make it exciting for the kids.  That’s when inspiration struck.  One of the heroes we will study is David, specifically of the story of David and Goliath, so what better way to make the story come to life than to make a nearly-accurately-sized Goliath?

I decided to tackle the project just as I do for our VBS decorations.  I projected an image that I found on one of Proclaimers for Christ’s children’s ministry pages, then traced it onto the cardboard.  When I do this with poster board, I use pencil to trace the image; however, I knew that would be a little too difficult on cardboard, so I opted to use a green Crayola marker.


I had to move the projector waaaaay back in order to make the image large enough, but eventually I got it.  When it came to painting Goliath, I used the washable paint that I have in stock, but it didn’t work well with the cardboard.


I wasn’t fond of how the color turned out with just one coat, so I decided to do a second coat.

Ahh, much better!  The yellow is still a little washed-out looking, but I’m alright with it.  While I was waiting for the second coat to dry, though, I noticed that it was looking a little bland with Goliath just floating on cardboard, so I grabbed some blue paint and sponge-painted a background on.


For the last step, I retraced the outline with a Sharpie to give him some definition.  And, voila!  We’ll have a Goliath with us for the rest of our Bible heroes unit!

Doesn’t he look cool??  I can’t get over how excited I am for the kids to see him 🙂




One response to “There’s a Giant Among Us…

  1. Stephanie says:

    This is really a great idea!

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