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Figuring out children's ministry one day at a time

Children’s Ministry Training in Jamestown

on February 16, 2013

This Saturday I had the opportunity to lead a series of training seminars for a group of over thirty children’s ministry volunteers from eight different churches in the western New York area.  It was both a blessing and a challenge to train leaders and teachers, but we had a great time learning and sharing together.   Take a look at what we were up to today!

Jamestown Alliance Church hosted the event and pulled together some great freebie materials.  I added a few handouts of my own to supplement the seminars and feature a few of my favorite resources.

Training Materials

The church provided quite a spread of snacks for everyone.  A long time ago, a friend of mine called times of Christian fellowship as “bellyship” because it often involves food!

We shared plenty of ideas with each other, but also broke open the Word.


Group Publishing provided us with free copies of Children’s Ministry Magazine and some other great freebies to give away to participants.  How cool is that?

Freebies from Group

That’s me!  We got things started with a bonus seminar entitled “Apps to Amp Up Your Children’s Ministry.”

Presenting Apps to Amp Up Your Children's Ministry

I featured about a dozen apps, but this is my showing off Granny’s Bible Dojo, an app that helps kids to memorize their books of the Bible.

Showing Off Apps

Our next seminar was entitled “Broken, Burned Out, or Bored in Children’s Ministry.”  We started off with a “broom tree experience,” just like Elijah had in 1 Kings 19.

Broom Tree Experience

We had quite a crowd!  They were very willing to participate and get the most out of the experience.  Hard to ask anything more of your students!


After our “broom tree experience,” we unwrapped some of the gifts of teaching that God has to offer us through His word.
Gifts of Teaching

Then, we spent some time in small group prayer for the day and for our ministries.

Small Group Prayer

Next was “Creative Worship Experiences for Kids.”  We divided up into small groups and each group was given a prayer station that could be used with children.  I’ll be doing a full post on prayer stations soon, but here are a few preview photos.

Prayer Stations 7

Prayer Stations 6
Prayer Stations 4Another creative worship experience was a series of stations entitled “The Five Senses of Easter.”  Stay tuned for a full post on how to create this experience for your children!
Five Senses of Easter

After a coffee break, we started back up with “Tackling the Small Church Challenge.”  To get us thinking, we started off with an activity entitled “Nails, Needles, and Nuisance.”  One volunteer was asked to remove a screw from a board using a pair of pliers…


…another was asked to thread a needle while wearing a pair of ski gloves…


…and a third was asked to pound a nail into a board using a ruler. It’s difficult to accomplish our goals when we don’t use the right tools!


Then, we spent some time brainstorming ideas to tackle the “giants” we face in ministry in a small church.

Whole Room Shot


We also had a fifth seminar entitled “Helping Your Kids Achieve Bible Literacy,” but our camera was exhausted from all the photos my husband had already taken!  This was my first time leading any sort of training for children’s ministry, but the feedback from the morning was positive.  I’m exhausted, but in a good kind of way 🙂  What a blessing it is to help others to grow in their ministry!


2 responses to “Children’s Ministry Training in Jamestown

  1. Rebecca says:

    Abby, once again I am reminded how blessed we are to have you working with our kids (and adults!) at church. I am so thankful for you!

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