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Figuring out children's ministry one day at a time

Creating a Binder for Ministry Ideas

on April 16, 2013


“So, what are you doing?”  This is the question our senior pastor asked me when he saw me at the office paper cutter with a stack of a few hundred magazine pages.  “Well, rather than keeping all my ministry magazines, I pulled all my favorite articles and am trimming them up to put in a binder of ministry ideas.”

“I think you’re the only person I know who would do that.”

“You wouldn’t be the first one to tell me something like that.” 🙂

photo (1)

Honestly, I’m loving having all my favorite ministry ideas all in one place rather than scattered throughout magazines on various bookshelves.  Seems a little over-the-top, but I think there are plenty of KidMins out there that would appreciate having one too!  Here are the categories I came up with.  Maybe you’ll feel inspired to create a binder of all those articles you’ve had lying around too 🙂

  • Thoughts on KidMin:  These are more general articles on the big ideas of children’s ministry – hospital visits to helping kids transition, small church challenges to making a great first impression with your ministry. 
  • Statistics:  Children’s Ministry magazines puts out a few pages worth of statistics meant to keep children’s ministers up on current issues in the lives of children and families today.  I find them valuable in guiding some aspects of my ministry, so wanted to save them.
  • Family Ministry:  Involving parents is essential and many of the articles under this section are helpful in doing that.
  • Nursery Ideas:  I think so many of our church nurseries have simply become babysitting services.  There’s so much that we can be doing to establish a strong biblical foundation in their hearts and minds at this age, though!  
  • Pre-K/Kindergarten Ideas:  Oh, what fun it can be to help these little ones explore the world around them and the God that made them!
  • Early Elementary Ideas:  This section has ideas for crafts, lesson plans, service projects, and more that help draw children in the lower elementary grades closer to God.
  • Upper Elementary Ideas:  I’ve found some of the articles that I’ve included in here to be particularly helpful in helping preteens transition from children’s ministry into youth ministry. 
  • Special Needs:  Though I’m certified as an elementary teacher, I’m also a certified special education teacher, so exploring how to minister to children with special needs has been a particularly meaningful journey for me this year.  
  • Outreach:  Teaching children to serve while they are young helps to establish a spirit of service in them for the long run.  Creative outreach makes it all the more fun!
  • Technology:  I’m certainly still growing in this area.  I’ve found quite a few articles that can help me figure out how to incorporate technology in ministry, though, and I look forward to seeing how I can better serve the digital natives of this generation.
  • Lesson Plan Ideas:  These are mostly holiday ideas, but they’re still good ones!
  • Kids Night Ideas:  I’ve had a blast with our kids nights (especially the Barefoot Olympics on Friday!) and am always on the hunt for more good ideas.
  • Products and Resources:  These are mostly advertisements from magazines, catalogs, or mailings.  I throw quite a few away, but some of them are worth exploring further.

What other categories would you add for your “Ministy Ideas” binder?


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