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Worship Bags

on October 5, 2013

About a year ago, I started to brainstorm ideas for busy bags for little ones to use during the service until they are dismissed for children’s church.  I never ended up making them because the kids that I was working with at the time seem to do alright without them; however, now I am at a different church and it’s a much different story.  the children’s ministry lacked structure because it had so few children.  Older kids sometimes stayed in the nursery with the infants because they did not want to sit in the service, then would wander over to children’s church partway through the service if they felt like doing so.  I’m not one to try to fit kids into a box, but it was clear that we needed a structure in place to best serve the kids currently in our ministry as well as visiting families who had never been part of our ministry before.

Part of our solution was to create a preschool room for children ages 3-5, which has been an absolute lifesaver for our nursery.  The other part was to create worship bags as an option for children ages 6-11 who would stay with their parents in the service until they were dismissed for children’s church.  I decided that I wanted the worship bags to be more than just a collection of toys; I wanted them to be full of activities that would fall along the lines of what they would be learning in children’s church.

Here’s a picture of our first try at worship bags…

Creation Worship Bag

I bought some cheap canvas tote bags at a craft store, along with some iron-on transfers so we could make them look more colorful than just boring old black.  I found the “Finish the Picture” activity on Pinterest and absolutely loved it!  Just glue a few “googly” eyes on some construction paper and instruct the kids to finish the picture however they’d like!  I also included a paper bag puppet kit and a box of Lego-type blocks.

Can you guess what the theme was? 🙂

We just started our Gospel Project curriculum and, of course, the first lesson was creation.  Every activity required the kids to use their creative juices to make something unique!

Have you ever made worship bags for the kids in your ministry?  What have you used in them?


4 responses to “Worship Bags

  1. LaSandra S. Grimsley says:

    My husband is a United Methodist Minister and we had worship bags in one of our churches as we did not have but a few children and no children’s worship. I use materials from Sermons4kids.com for children’s church and add a craft and snack. I really like their bulletin, activities, coloring sheets, etc. and it goes along 98% with the scripture used for worship. Story path is a great resource from Union Presbyterian Seminary. It has the three scriptures for the day and three books to read to go along with the scripture. Check these great resources out!

  2. Kirsty says:

    We have a few families who come on Sunday nights, which is an adult-oriented service. We have worksheets for the kids to help them engage in the first part of the service – things like ‘What did we pray about?’ ‘What was your favourite song?’ ‘Draw the preacher’- a mixture of questions, tick boxes, etc.

    I also print off a colouring picture – supposedly for the younger kids who can’t do the worksheet yet, but the older kids want it too! Sometimes it fits with the theme of the service, other times it’s just a general bible-based colouring picture.

    As the sermons are likely to be over many kids’ heads, we have various craft activities for the second part of the service – see here: http://www.pinterest.com/KirstyMcA77/sunday-night-crafts/

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