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Jesus Gives New Life!

It seems appropriate to post this bulletin board idea on a day like today – rainy and a bit warmer than the chilly winter days.  Just as new life is springing forth outside, so can Jesus bring us new life!  This bulletin board couldn’t be easier, but it will put your children’s wing in a “spring” kind of mood!

Jesus Gives New Life


It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like….Easter!

If you’ve been keeping up with When One Teaches, Two Learn for a while, you’ve probably noticed that I like to be creative with bulletin boards and wall displays.  I had all sorts of ideas for Easter bulletin boards and displays, but, when I was surfing on Oriental Trading one day, I found these great posters for Holy Week and Easter Sunday and just couldn’t resist them.  They’re colorful and convey a great message!

I used the “Alleluia” poster on our bulletin board, then added a few palm branches to fill in some of the blank space.

Alleluia Bulletin Board


I used this large wall space to show the journey through Holy Week – from Palm Sunday, to the Last Supper, to the cross, and finally the resurrection.  It all centers around John 3:16, though, which I thought was a great poster to include in the set.

Holy Week Journey


With the remaining Easter posters, I decided to decorate a few of our doors 🙂

Easter Door Decor


What are you doing to decorate for Easter?

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February Bulletin Board Idea!

I’ll admit, this board can make you go cross-eyed with color, but I don’t live anywhere near a teacher store to go get new borders or letters, so we’re just going to roll with it 🙂 I like the overall concept, though – simple and fun, yet conveying an important message.

What are you doing for your February bulletin board?


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The Greatest Love There Is

Valentine’s Day is coming up in a few days! All I remember about Valentine’s Day as a kid is that it was all about having the coolest valentines to pass out at school and getting a little candy out of the deal – nothing much about Jesus attached to the holiday. When I stumbled across this idea a few months ago, though, I knew it was a great way to remind our kids about the greatest love there is: the love of Jesus.


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It’s Snow Secret…We Love Jesus!

Do you remember that rather enormous cardboard Christmas tree that we hung at the top of our stairwell during the Christmas season?  It was fantastic for the holidays, but it also made the wall space it took seem very blank when I took it down!  These snowmen aren’t quite as impressive as the tree, but they’re still fun.  It really is “snow” secret that we love Jesus at Fillmore Kids!

It's Snow Secret We Love Jesus

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New Year’s Resolutions Aren’t That Bad

I used to make new year’s resolutions when I was a kid.  They weren’t always well thought-out, but I still made them.  And, like most people, I rarely kept my resolutions.  As the years passed, I gave up making new year’s resolutions.  I think it was mostly due to the fact that I wanted to make meaningful, attainable resolutions, rather than just making resolutions for the sake of making them.  This year, for the first time in a long while, I came up with a resolution that was worth keeping.  I’ve decided that starting this year I’m going to work in some sort of activity toward the end of each children’s church lesson for the kids to show what they’ve learned.  The activities will take on different forms depending on the lesson and vary to keep the kids’ interest.

For the past two Sundays, we’ve used this activity with sticky notes.  The kids could either write or draw a picture of something that “stuck” with them during the lesson.  I really love this idea, especially because the littlest ones really got into it!  There are quite a few little pictures on those sticky notes!

What Stuck with You?


This week we’re going to start a four-week series called Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner based on a set of lessons from Ministry-to-Children.com.  At the end of each lesson, we are going to take a paper plate and cover it with short phrases or pictures that summarize what we learned.  I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

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He Washes Our Sins As White As Snow Bulletin Board

Merry belated Christmas!  I hope you had a blessed holiday season.  The Christmas season has only just begun in our house.  In a few days we’ll start a week-long vacation with my husband’s family,  then a week with my dad and brother!  Because the next few weeks will be so busy, I spent most of today taking down the Christmas decor in the children’s wing.  I didn’t post a picture of last month’s bulletin board because I felt it was a little blah, but here’s a peek at what I put up for January:

He Washes Our Sins As White As Snow


Pretty simple, but it’s a theme that works well for January, especially today as we’re under a winter weather advisory!  I think I’ll add a snowman or two to the board to fill in some blank spaces, but won’t tweak too much.  I printed the text off the computer using a font that I downloaded off the internet.  The letters look like they’re buried in snowbanks with snowflakes falling on them 🙂  What are your winter bulletin board ideas?


Deck the Halls! Part 2

Our church’s Deck the Halls party on Sunday evening went famously!  Typically these decorating events are more geared toward the adults, but this year I decided that the children’s wing needed some Christmas cheer too.  I planned a few crafts and it was announced on Sunday morning that there would be something special for the kids to do.  I thought I would be lucky to have two or three kids show up.  To my surprise, we had about thirteen kids show up, many of whom are not regular church attenders!  They really helped to make the place look bright and cheery.  Here’s a look at what we did:


Remember that rather “blah” looking Christmas tree I made?  The kids took some time to color ornaments to “hang” on the tree.  They placed their ornaments on the tree and, as hard as it is to have them clumped haphazardly on the tree, I don’t plan on rearranging them.  It’s their Christmas tree, after all!


The kids also made red and green paper chains that we hung in the hallway.  The chains made things look festive to begin with, but once we added the coffee-filter snowflakes that they made it looked all the better!


The kids didn’t make these candy cane wreaths, but I put them together to hang outside each door.  Nothing over-the-top, but just a little festivity 🙂


This is probably my favorite project that the kids created.  Everyone had at least one hand print in this Christmas tree with one of the littlest hands used as the “star” at the top of the tree!

The kids loved that they have taken ownership of decorating their space and I couldn’t be happier with their results.  What kinds of things have you done to decorate your children’s space for the holidays?

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Deck the Halls! Part 1

Alright, for all of you folks out there that are of the no-talk-of-Christmas-till-after-Thanksgiving persuasion, I’m with you, I promise.   But, this upcoming Sunday evening will be our Deck the Halls event at church, so I spent the first part of this week getting ready for it in order to avoid working for the second half of the week.  Typically there hasn’t been much done in the children’s wing for Christmas decorating, but we’re going to change that this year!

At the top of the stairs we have a rather large Christmas tree that I made out of cardboard.  Fingers crossed that it will stay attached to the wall!


On Sunday evening, the kids will be able to decorate paper ornaments and “hang” them on our tree! We’ll also be working on red-and-green paper chains and possibly some handprint wreaths or handprint Christmas trees.

And, even though the refrigerator isn’t in the children’s wing, I couldn’t resist trying out this idea I saw on Pinterest:


Check back next week for Deck the Halls!  Part 2 with pictures of what the kids make on Sunday!


There’s a Giant Among Us…

A few weeks ago, a order of new tables arrived at the church.  As the guys were unpacking the tables  from their rather large cardboard boxes, the wheels in my head started turning as I thought to myself, “There has GOT to be a way that I could use that cardboard.”  After all, 10 foot by five foot pieces of cardboard aren’t that easy to come by!  I snagged two of the boxes and they’ve been sitting in the children’s wing ever since, waiting for inspiration to strike.

And, strike it did.  We’re having a kid’s night on Friday where I decided we could preview our upcoming J.A.M. Time unit on heroes of the Bible.  I wanted to have a few visual aids for each of the Bible heroes we will be studying to make it exciting for the kids.  That’s when inspiration struck.  One of the heroes we will study is David, specifically of the story of David and Goliath, so what better way to make the story come to life than to make a nearly-accurately-sized Goliath?

I decided to tackle the project just as I do for our VBS decorations.  I projected an image that I found on one of Proclaimers for Christ’s children’s ministry pages, then traced it onto the cardboard.  When I do this with poster board, I use pencil to trace the image; however, I knew that would be a little too difficult on cardboard, so I opted to use a green Crayola marker.


I had to move the projector waaaaay back in order to make the image large enough, but eventually I got it.  When it came to painting Goliath, I used the washable paint that I have in stock, but it didn’t work well with the cardboard.


I wasn’t fond of how the color turned out with just one coat, so I decided to do a second coat.

Ahh, much better!  The yellow is still a little washed-out looking, but I’m alright with it.  While I was waiting for the second coat to dry, though, I noticed that it was looking a little bland with Goliath just floating on cardboard, so I grabbed some blue paint and sponge-painted a background on.


For the last step, I retraced the outline with a Sharpie to give him some definition.  And, voila!  We’ll have a Goliath with us for the rest of our Bible heroes unit!

Doesn’t he look cool??  I can’t get over how excited I am for the kids to see him 🙂



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